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Top 6 kayaks on the Market

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

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Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Helpful reviews

I am 6′ 2″ and weigh 195 lbs. The kayak fits me well. Facts proved that there is no need to worry about length and weight.I have been using it for over 1 year. Everything is running fine.
Inflation and deflation are very fast,just less 5 minutes. Pump came with the kayak which Is very convenient. The kayak is well sealed so I never need to top up on the water. One is kayaking one top-up.
Compact size and lightweight,weigh only 25 pounds. A small bag or case is enough to take it.Sometimes the water is far from the road lead to long distance haulage. Never mind, carry and haul it is not a big deal,very easy. There is a storage area in the front which is great for carrying your personal belongings.

Sevylor Fiji Travel Pack Kayak

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Helpful reviews

I love this inflatable kayak. It’s so sporty and unique. Bang for the buck.

Great price but stable and sturdy kayak. Also durable, lightweight and compact. My wife and I paddle it together (about 390 lbs with our), and it floated and tracked well.

Easy to haul, easy to store and easy to row. Perhaps more surprising.The paddle can be separated into three pieces, so you can put them into travel bags.

Just a tip: If you want the kayak to go straight, buy it together with a skeg.

Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

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sea eagle 370

sea eagle 370


Helpful reviews

This kayak is a bestseller, some of my friends have been using it for a long time. It’s even better than advertising. when it scraped against rocks in the water, you will found it perform much more well than other kayaks in resilient.

My 15-year-old even can paddle it by himself as its easy to handle and maneuver. As a inflatable kayak, it’s very light to haul,easy to transport.

I have been using it for several times. it’s a good choice for those new to kayaking. Remember to put life jackets on at all times. You will be pretty handy with the kayak after several experiences. It has never capsized,I confide absolutely in its stable after the testing we have before.

My friend and I tried to tip it over. Although made great efforts to tip, it was steady.

Sevylor QuickPak Coverless Sit-On-Top Kayak

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Helpful reviews

I’m a kayaking enthusiast who had three boats before I bought it. Include a wooden canoe, fiberglass canoe and a 2 person Coleman inflatable kayak.


Previously, If I want to go kayaking, fishing,camping by myself.The wooden one and fiberglass one are too heavy to carry. The 2 person one didn’t track well for me, So I was looking for a light one, a 1 person kayak, I love it which is so much fun.


It’s easy to inflate and deflate (just need a pump and a few minutes). The seat is very soft and comfortable.It was still stable even with the wind and waves.


Adjustable backrest,easy to adapt according to your own needs.


Secure cargo net for storage, can hold stuff you need, a bottle of water,handbag, etc. It’s pretty secure.

Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak, 2-Person

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Helpful reviews


Easy to set up

Super safe: 8 duty chambers, don’t worry about leakage.

Super cheap;

Great looking and durable

Secure cargo net is extremely useful

Seats are comfortable

Easy operation:just need a few minutes to get used to paddling

Light-weight,easy to transport, no trailer needed;

easy to inflate and deflate,just a piece of cake


Perfect for small waves and wind , performed well, but Sluggish on rough water

The quality of the paddles are not very good and they are little uncomfortable, may be you should ready gloves to paddle it,price is cheap anyway ,but okay for entry-level;


The kayak is awesome,You won’t go wrong with this choice.

6.Lifetime Youth Wave Kayak with Paddle (6- Feet)

lifetime kayak

lifetime kayak features


Helpful reviews


Lightweight, very portable, only 18 pounds, perfect for kids, I purchased it for my 8-year-old daughter, she can easily drag it from sand beach to water and start with it .

Carrying capacity is enough for kids of all age, up to 130 Lb, but it can even float me (170 lbs)

They are durable and cute, dynamic design, full of youthful vitality.

It appears to be quite sturdy, durable.

The price is great and included the paddle.

Easy to haul with the hand grip on the front of the kayak and the lightweight.

Really easy to maneuver (even for a 6 years old), my daughter got in and took off on her own without any instruction!

I ever tested it, and stood up on it and rocked it with forceful movements, trying to tip it. It’s not tipy at all. Facts proved that it was so sturdy.


It came packaged in a plastic bag when shipped which should be better.


Very much worth the price. These nice kayaks are awesome for kids.


Advanced Elements Advancedframe Convertible Kayak

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Helpful reviews


Inflatable kayaks have an advantage over other boats since with high gas prices

So I looked around for months to decide buy a kayak, this is the best one.

it is very portable, I really like that it fits in the trunk of my car, save space for my garage.

It can be inflated and deflated in minutes with one easy hand pump.

Come with a very durable bag for the boat so that you can pack it up and take it at ease. Just need to see how to fold it, it will go well.

Very easy to put together and packs up quickly.

Easy to use, we are novices but moved around with ease. The front storage area is enough to use, there was still plenty of room to stretch your legs after storing our gears and foods.

Good quality of the design and construction.

Tracks like a hard hull kayak, speed can equal hard shell kayaks.

Looks awesome and sporty.

Very comfortable for paddling. Just likes a bed.

Weight is light, easy to haul and carry. Easy to pick up ‘cause it is 56 pounds. Easy to transport without trailers or roof racks to transport.

Fits two peoples, but one person is ok.

If you encounter any problems, please refer to the companies’s forum and you will find solutions easily.

May be a bilge pump is necessary for a novice, it can help you to pump water out.

Stable, hard to be turned over in calm water.


The only reason not to buy it is if you like paddling in rough water .


It is exactly what I want, I’d definitely buy it again if I need. I highly recommend it!


Coleman QuikPak K5 Kayak

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Helpful reviews


I like the kayak. I’m out for kayaking and fishing every weekend with my wife.

It’s easy to put together and take apart. Even my wife can do it all by herself. Easy to carry. She can carry the pack on my back and walk a long trip and not feel a thing. It’s amazing how small they fold up.

The paddle works great even in rough waters.

I have ever paddled it in shallow and rocky streams. Glides over the rocks at ease, which displays an outstanding elasticity and toughness.

Many other inflatable kayaks I’ve ever used can’t compare to this one for comfort and handling.

The backpack can be transformed into the seat and splash apron, an ingenious design.

I usually use it for fishing with my fishing gear, fishing pole and an anchor.

The storage area in the back is big enough for me to hold my gears.

Deflating the kayak and packing it up into the backpack is a breeze. And then I leave it in the car or garage, take into consideration the temperature, humidity and ventilation inside a building.



Some people think that it is a little inconvenient to hold the hose with one hand and pump with the other.

But I think they are okay


It’s the best kayak to anyone who can’t store or transport a solid one.

The kayak preformed as advertised, it’s a breeze to assemble and disassemble! Easy to use.


canoes for sale

TOP 5 canoes on the market

1. Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Canoe – Blue



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Helpful reviews

This inflatable canoe is convenient for users .only 32 pounds so it’s easy to carry and haul .because it’s portable ,my teenge son can carry it .

It’s easy to inflate and deflate in minutes .Just go and back with it in a handbag .

Bang for the buck .

It’s filled with air so soft enough and I feel comfortable .

Excellent performance . Stable , durable ,the body is thick and resistant to puncture , It would pounce back after hitting even sharp rocks . I often go for canoe fishing and camping with my girlfriend .

Fishing boats for sale

Top 5 boats on the market

Classic Accessories Cumberland Float Tube




Helpful reviews


Specifically designed to fish for fishing enthusiast.

Works as advertised.

Love the plenty of storage, lots of big pockets on both sides for storage. Most one I’ve seen. Roomy enough for my hand pump.

It’s light ,only 17 pounds. In a deflated state, became smaller it was easy to pack into the back, so it’s easy to carry .

The fixing straps of backrest is very tight which never slip ,so it’s safe .

We’ve been using this for some times to for camping and fishing trips recently. It’s easy to inflate. It’s easy to maneuver in the water was the best I ever seen.

Lots of foam inside and two airbags make it float very well. Don’t be concerned for its floating stability.

The max weight capacity up to 350lbs, I am 160bs and it holds me up fine.

It folds up into a small package quickly and easily then straps to my back, I even take it on my car or motorcycle even city bus to the nearby calm rivers and have it inflated in minutes. Everything was easy.

The seat is very soft and comfortable, which is huge for a big guy like me. The cup holders are a awesome design.

The seat is high which make you have a good visibility so you cast and fish much more easily .

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Recommend books

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 model trains

 Chick coop plans


sewing machine reviews

boat plans

landscaping designs


facebook video skin


koi fish pond


Dining sets

feng shui



How to make soap

Embroidery Designs


A pretty good winemaking book

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So – you have decided that you want to try your hand at making some wine. This article will describe the basic steps and some of the pitfalls to avoid to make sure your first batch turns out good enough to drink.

First things first – how much do you want to make?

I recommend at least 5 gallons. Why? Because beginning home wine makers just cannot wait to taste what they have made. In addition, 5 gallons is only 25 bottles. So you’ll get the batch finished, and then you will try a bottle or 2 or 3. Then you’ll wait a week and try a few more bottles. Sooner than later, it will all be gone before it has a chance to age and get really good.

If you just want to do something quick and simple, you could do a gallon in a plastic milk jug. The drawback is, once you have tasted it a few times – it’s all gone and you’ll have to start over.

With 5 gallons – you just might be tempted to let a few of the remaining bottles age. Believe it or not, the biggest mistake beginning winemakers make is not letting their wine age in the bottle. The difference in taste is, to put it mildly, AMAZING.

The next step is to decide which type of juice you want to ferment. Grape juice, cranberry juice, muscadine, and cherry are all good starter choices. The first 3 should produce a rather normal tasting wine while cherries usually will give you a sweeter wine. Of course, you can always add sugar to sweeten your wine after it is stabilized and has stopped fermenting.

The next step is to completely sterilize all of the containers and equipment you will be using. Some people use extremely hot water, others recommend using a sanitizer. I like the sanitizer because you do not have to scald yourself with the hot water. The sanitizing solution should be poured over everything and should make contact with all surfaces. Then you just rinse everything off with hot water.

Put your juice in your 5 gallon bucket – that’s the next step. BUT – it’s not time to put your yeast in yet.

We first want to sterilize our “must” or our juice. You can do this with 4 Campden Tablets. These are sulfite tablets that will get rid of any type of bacteria that could be present in the juice. Crush the tablets and then dissolve them in some warm water and then pour them in your juice or “must”. Let this sit overnight while the sulfites do their work.

24 hours later, you are ready to sprinkle in or “pitch” your yeast.

The type of yeast you decide to use is really a question that is beyond the scope of this article. However, I’ll say that there are hundreds of different yeast strains for literally thousands of different uses. For our first batch, we can just use the bakers yeast that you can easily find at the grocery store. Later, and after some research, you will probably want to use one of the specialized strains.

Now – wait 7 days and watch. you will want to cover your bucket with a cloth towel or even put on a lid with an airlock in place. The wine will be perfectly safe during the fermentation stage because it will give off lots of Carbon Dioxide. The Co2 will protect your wine from the oxygen in the air.

Once the 7 days has passed, siphon off the wine from the bucket into another bucket or into a glass “carboy”. These can be found online or at your local wineshop. When you are doing the siphoning, you will want to get as little of the gunk on the bottom of the bucket as possible. This gunk is called “lees” and is made up of dead yeast. Wine that sits on top of the dead yeast sometimes can develop an “off” flavor.

Once your wine has been transferred into what is called your “secondary fermenter”, then you will want to put an airlock in place and just let it sit for about a month. There’s a song about this part – “The Waiting is the Hardest Part”. It’s true. Every budding home winemaker just cannot wait to taste the stuff – but – don’t do it. It surely won’t hurt you but during this month it is still fermenting. The wine isn’t finished yet. Be Patient.

After the month is up, you will want to transfer it back to your bucket, again making sure that you leave the gunk on the bottom. The process of transferring the wine from one vessel to another is called “racking”. Why? That’s something I am going to research for another article.

You are just about there. Theres only one thing left to do and that is to add a “stablizer” to your wine. A stabilizer inhibits yeast reproduction. In essence, it stops yeast from doing it’s thing. Part of what happens during yeast growth and reproduction is that it releases Co2 gas. If that is happening after you bottle the wine, you will get popped corks or exploded bottles or both. So – put in the stabilizer, stir the wine well, and then return it to your Secondary Carboy fermentation vessel. Be sure and clean out the secondary and sterilize it before you do.

Now, all you have to do at this point is wait until the wine clears. Gravity is your friend here. Of course, it won’t hurt a bit to bottle cloudy wine. But if you wait another month, it should be crystal clear. The clearing process is another subject that you can find a great deal of information on in other guides and books and I suggest you read up on this subject when you get a chance.

Bottling time! All you have to do is make sure your bottles are clean and sanitized and just siphon the wine into the bottles. Corking the bottles can be a little difficult and i highly recommend you get some king of corker. Again, these are available online or at your local wine shop.

Now – BE PATIENT and let the wine sit in the bottle for 6 to 9 months. The longer the wine ages, the better it will taste – I guarantee it. Happy winemaking!




Model Trains

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Dan MorganHi, it’s Dan here…

Let me quickly tell you a little about myself… And then I’ll tell you what model train resources I recommend… even if you are a complete beginner, or are an advanced railroader.

Okay… I’ve been collecting, building, buying and selling HO scale model trains for over 27 years. It all started with a simple Christmas gift. It was an oval Lima HO scale model train set (which I still own today)… I absolutely loved that train set…

Every other opportunity for a gift I was asking for extra track, new locomotives, passenger carriages, building kits and more… I remember spending hours in the local hobby shop looking at the large range of accessories and wondering how I could earn the money to buy them…

Fast forward 27 years later…

And I’m constantly amazed at the fun this hobby has provided me. It has, and will be, a hobby for life!  Not only has it been fun but I’ve learned so many technical skills… carpentry, electrical wiring, problem solving and design. I’ve learned to be creative and developed a hands-on knowledge of geography from making landscapes. I learned how bridges are put together so they don’t collapse…

Creating miniature replicas of life has allowed me to enter a different world.

Over those 27 years I have been through literally every emotion imaginable. Frustration… anger… jubilation; although the frustration was mostly self-inflicted as I had ignored the basics!

I think I own most HO scale model train books on the market… every time I wanted to build a new landscape, set up new controllers or fix a problem… I would buy a book to tell me how.

n scale model train_conew1

Here’s The Problem…

See, nowadays, with all the latest advancements in model trains… being able to control multiple trains from one controller, steam locos with steam and sound… it is very easy to make some expensive mistakes.

And this is the exact reason why a few weeks ago (and after continually being asked to do so for over 2 years), I decided to review the model train “how to” books on the market…

What Happened…

The truth was, most books were okay… But a beginner, or an advanced railroader, would have to buy 5 or 6 books (maybe even more) to get 80% of the information they needed… that was until I found 2 downloadable books – Model Trains for Beginners and Model Train Help.

I bought both of these ebooks and I refer to them often… they’ve become my only source of information!

The best part is, because they are ebooks, the authors update them often and you get the updates for free. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve got on my shelf with very outdated information… a problem easily solved with these ebooks.

Both the authors also offer a 60 day money back guarantee… so if the ebook doesn’t suit your needs you can request a full refund…

Here’s an Overview of Both…


Model Trains for Beginners

5 Stars

Product Rating (5/5 Stars)

Model Trains for Beginners – is my # 1 choice.It is a “must have” ebook for all beginners to model trains.

It is rock-solid, high quality information for the beginner model railroader.

There is an unbelievable amount of useful information in this ebook… even an advanced modeler (like myself) needs to know and be reminded of the basics. I use this ebook almost daily, and that’s after 27 years of experience…

This ebook is solidly packed to the brim with good quality step by step information that can be used for your entire model train lifetime.

It covers the essential basics from the ground up… the language of model trains, how to plan, design and create great layouts that are easy to run and problem free… Through to the advanced realism techniques like weathering, making your layout look dated, to controllers and tips for those people that are not Electricians, and so much more.

It is very well priced (in fact, it’s a steal), as you would not normally find this amount of condensed, straight to the point information in one book. You would need to buy 4 or 5 books to get the equivalent amount of information.


It also comes with 5 bonuses worth over $108.00… that makes the investment well worth it.

>>   To get more information on “Model Trains for Beginners” – Click here


Model Train Help

5 Stars

Product Rating (5/5 Stars)

Model Train Help

While 《Model Trains for Beginners》 was the perfect resource for beginners, Model Train Help is the perfect resource for intermediate to advanced model railroaders.

It is a detailed 200+ page ebook packed to the brim with detailed technical solutions. While beginners will find this ebook overwhelming, the intermediate to advanced model railroader will find the information incredibly useful. It covers everything from the language of model trains, to planning, designing and creating great layouts that are easy to run and problem free, to weathering and so much more… this ebook has it all.

It is US$39.97, but you would need 5 or 6 books from Amazon to give you all the condensed information this ebook contains in one place.

I always print these downloadable books, as then I can make notes and add to them as I go along.

>>   To get more information on “Model Train Help” – Click here

The Conclusion…

Many years ago I used to build bridges, rivers and landscapes without referring to a book… but then I realized how much extra time and money it was costing me… not to mention the frustration and the fact that they never looked real!

Both these ebooks will give a complete step by step plan and in my opinion are an absolute “must have”.

Shed Plans





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Bed Plans


Sample Of Some Of The Bed Plans Included:


Detailed Blueprints & Schematics:



Best Boat Plans

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There are over 500 Boat Plans!

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Sun dolphin excursion sit-in fishing kayak

I have rented it some times, I like it, so I bought it.
It’s very light, so I can put it on my roof easily.
I love fishing, it designed well for fishing..
I’m a novice for kayaking, but I’m good at fishing, so this raft is great for me.
The body of this boat is solid, it tracks well. I steer it easily.
The seat is not bad, but little hard for me, a soft cushion will make you feel better while you fishing for hours.
And after using it for while, I bought another one to my old friend for a birthday gift. He was over the moon.
It hold my fishing stuff without problems, my family have fun on the water every weekend. Last weekend, we spent eight hours on the water. We caught lots of fish.
It never flipped because of its wide body.
The three rod holders, one each..
The only drawback is hard seat bottom, your butt will get sore after hours of sitting on it.
The well designed and solid body reflect its brand- sun dolphin. Reliable.
The tracking and speed is decent for me.
It’s a breeze to handle even you’re a newbie.



sun dolphin aruba 10  

Best kayak paddles for sale

Shoreline marine kayak paddle rounded blade
It was a little large for a female, but good for male.
It’s light weight, I use it with my fishing kayak, easy to transport with my trunk.
Easy to assemble and disassemble, my kids can assemble it easily.
The soft padding is awesome. I can hold it tight and comfortably.
I don’t like renting kayak, because the provided paddles didn’t fit me enough, some even didn’t come with paddles.
The grips are soft and tight.
You can adjust the angle easily, fit your style.
Great price and not cheaply built, very strong.
The paddles that come with my inflatable kayak are flimsy.
These shore line paddles are better than the original. Even I used it in class 2-3 rapids, it worked fine.
I’ve used lots of sub-$100 paddles. I checked many paddles in my local stores. The prices ranged from $70 to $200.
I will get a second one for backup, because the first one is great for me.
Little too much flexing during my power strokes, I’m strong.
My friend bought it to replace the paddle came with his sea eagle 370, he loves it.
My wife is a novice for kayaking, but she can handle it at ease.
It’s not a very good one for ocean kayaking. But it’s great for flat water and lake paddling.

Pink kayak

Pink Emotion Bliss Kayak

My parents retired to Florida so they could be close to friends and family roughly four years ago. During those four years they have spent plenty of time with friends and family that enjoying kayaking. While my mom enjoys being on the water, she wasn’t a fan of the kayaks that my aunt and uncle have because they are too big for her.

My aunt and uncle are over six and half feet tall and have been kayaking for over twenty years, while my mom is five feet tall – in heals and has less than three years of kayaking experience.

After her forth summer in Florida it became apparent that her wanting to Kayak was not something that was going to go away. She had been talking to my dad about getting kayaks so they wouldn’t have to go to my uncles house all of time, but my dad wanted to make sure that the kayaks were going to be used on a regular basis and not just when the grand kids came to visit.

With my mom’s birthday approaching we visited a few shops, including some of the big box sporting good stores as well as doing some research on-line to learn about the different kayaks. We found a few videos on-line, including some for the Emotion Bliss Kayak that we shared with my uncle to get his advice on since he has been kayaking for over twenty-years.

So we finally ordered my mom a pink Emotion Bliss Kayak for her sixty-fifth birthday once we learned more about its design, the fact that it’s light weight, the features, and the big factor that is was designed for someone with a small frame.

My mom was thrilled that not only was she able to get the kayak on and off the rack by herself, but her “little pink kayak” (as she likes to call it) was “Her Size”. She felt more secure on the water with her feet being able to reach the foot braces and when she went out the first day she had it, she kept saying “I’m not bumping my elbows!”

Another nice thing about getting my mom the Emotion Bliss Kayak is that the wait is over. She’s able to get the kayak into the water by herself and since it’s her size, she doesn’t have to work that hard to keep up with the rest of her friends and family without banging her elbows when she paddles; which makes going out on the water more enjoyable. I love my mom, but hearing about her elbows hurting made me want to scream.

If you or someone you know loves being on the water, but are having a hard time with the current kayak, it could be that the kayak is too big for your frame. You should consider looking into the Emotion Bliss Kayak which has been designed specifically for smaller framed kayakers, both the young and the young at heart.

Love you mom!


Lifetime 6 ft Wave Kayak, Pink